In my last post, I argued why it was better to use cold calling, rather than email, to get meetings with your prospects. And in that post, I offered to tell you my nearly 100% fail proof formula for getting new meetings with your prospects over the phone.

As promised, here it is.

Call your prospect, and once you get them on the phone, say the following:

“ Hi Prospect, this is Tristan from Base. How are you?”

And then pause. Wait for them to answer. Be casual and speak slowly. (Remember the 4 rules from last week.) After they had a chance to reply, say the following:

“Great. I’m calling because I wanted to follow up on the email I sent earlier this week. You guys look like you’d be a great fit for what we do here at Base, and I wanted to set up a time to come by, introduce myself, and learn more about your business/organization. Is there a day that works best for you next week?”

And then pause. LET THEM SPEAK!

You’ll usually get some sort of response, like “what do you guys do?” or “Oh, I’m not interested.”

If you get the first question, give them ONE sentence that succinctly describes the value you could offer them. Mention another client that is similar to them and how you helped them. And so on. But keep it SUPER brief. And then close again.

If they say something like “I’m not interested,” now you have an objection to overcome.

Say something like this:

“Totally understand. (Insert slight chuckle here, “haha”) I know I am calling out of the blue and I figured you had everything buttoned up. I’d still love to meet with you and learn more about your business. That way, if you should ever need anything down the road, at least we’ll have met and hopefully I can be of service. Do you think we can pencil something in for next week?”

Note: Now notice how I end everything that I say with a question. This gets them talking and allows you to continue the conversation and close. Capiche? Saying things like “pencil something in,” is also very disarming and casual.

If they objet again, like, “oh I’m Ok,” it’s now time to overcome their second objection.

Say something like this:

“Got it. Totally understand that you’re busy. How about we get together for lunch? Everyone has to eat, and I’d love to take you out to lunch. Do you think we can schedule something for the next week or so?”

Now stop. Believe it or not, a lot of people will actually take you up on this offer. Which is kind of interesting. Lunch is probably more intimate than meeting someone at their office, but they’ll feel that it is less “business-like” or perhaps more informal. So don’t be surprised if you get a few people to take you up on the offer. Ask them to suggest a place close to their office and get it scheduled while you’re on the phone.

If they object again, here is your last ditch effort.

Say something like this:

“Ok, I understand. Well listen, I am going to be in your area anyways next week, can I at least stop by around 9am on Tuesday and drop off some information? You can meet me in the lobby! (some will laugh here)…at least we can put a face to the name and say that we’ve met. Would that be Ok?”

“Great! I’ll send you an invite for 9am on Tuesday just as a friendly reminder. Thanks, Mr. Prospect!”

If they still balk at this, let it go and ask them if you can follow up in 3 months to check in. They’ll of course say yes (because they will not think that you’ll actually follow up with them), and then when you call them back, you can book a meeting. Trust me, it’ll work.

Your script for when you DO call them back will sound something like this:

“Hey Mr. Prospect! We spoke several months ago and at the time you said you’d be willing to schedule some time for us to get together when I followed back up, is there a day/time next week that could work best?”

Would love to hear from you. What works best when you’re on the phone?

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